Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a fun and interesting week in my little corner of the world. I started this blog and Twitter account and the welcome I’ve received has been amazing.

As a solitary witch who is still mostly in the broom closet, I only realized my path a year ago after a bit of soul searching. I never even heard the term “kitchen witch” until this past summer, but I immediately knew it was what I am. All my life I’ve been crafting recipes that have done what I needed. If I was sick, I could heal myself seemingly overnight regardless of the illness if I whipped up a pot of soup or pasta with lots of fresh garlic. Holidays are stressful for everyone but place a dessert I made or have a cup of coffee I brewed with a little sprinkle of salt in the pot and everyone quit squabbling for a bit. I’ve been making magic in the kitchen all my life and never knew it. Household chores never bothered me as I see them as a way to make the house and its inhabitants happy and relaxed. Now that I practice witchcraft, I find more peace in my every day life. When there seems to be negativity between roommates, a simple prayer, a line of black salt at the door and home cooked meal changes everyone’s attitudes, even the animals’.

I don’t follow Wicca, simply because I have been creating my own path. I mostly follow their creed and am one who will do anything before considering harming another. However, I pray to many different gods and goddesses, not just the Lord and Lady. Outside of the internet, I refer to give sabbats by their common names, Samhain is Halloween, Yule the winter solstice, so on and so forth as a way to keep my practices closeted but still let people know I’m celebrating something and that day is important to me. I do not have an alter and feel I do not need one. My book of shadows looks more like a recipe book dotted with remedies and gardening tips than one of spells and rituals. In fact, when I am asked for a spell, ritual or recipe to make something like black salt, I don’t offer them up, mostly because I don’t have anything set in stone. Every batch of any charm I make is different because my mood, intent and desired outcome are different. I can’t tell you that this exact concoction will work for you because I do not know you, your intent or even your skill level. I only know mine.

While I sometimes wish I had a local witch I could talk to, I know a coven is not for me. Too many energies are overwhelming at times and the idea of passing a series of tests to be accepted reminds me too much of my childhood spent in a strict Christian household. In fact, if my father found out about my path, he would have a heart attack then would immediately think I’ve been possessed by the devil. The first time I had a card reading done, he started telling me the devil speaks to card readers to give them their answers. I’m sad that he feels that way, but it’s his right and it’s my right to pray he will one day accept me when I feel the time is right to tell him.

I am at least welcomed as myself online. Online, I can talk with other witches, pagans and wiccans about my practices and get guidance when I need it or offer suggestions to those in need. I may be a solitary but now I have people to connect with, to grow with. When energies get too intense or negative (as is bound to happen online where people feel they can say anything, no matter how hurtful or damaging it can be), I can leave, go back to being just me, my familiar who loves being with me in the kitchen when she isn’t chasing the dogs around or staring at birds, and my craft.

I hope everyone is doing well on this sunny, warm Friday and I hope you all continue to enjoy my recipes and general information. Blessed be brothers and sisters!


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  1. Merry meet! I enjoyed reading your post. I, too, consider myself as a cottage or kitchen witch. I’ve always honored the Greek goddess Hestia, goddess of hearth and home. Even as a young man, I enjoyed cooking and cleaning. When I began practicing witchcraft, I was able to add magick to the mix. My wife, who hates cooking and housework, thanks Hestia quite often for giving her a husband who likes to do these things! Good luck on your blog and on Twitter.

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