Monthly Archives: June 2016

Inner Magic


I love reading about witchcraft. Which herbs are best used for spells, cooking and healing. Which stones are used for meditation, spiritual connection and strengthening your magic. But I find my best magic comes from within. That inner magic. Intuition goes a long way in my Book of Shadows. I wasn’t raised in the craft, I haven’t had formal training, and I miss more Sabbathes than I remember (honestly I only remember the ones with the changing of the seasons since I garden). I suck at being a traditional witch. 

But what I’m good at, where my talents lie, is trusting my intuition to know which herbs to add to my kitchen witchery, which salt on my shelf strengthens my protection spells and when my Goddess is whispering to me. I don’t buy stones and crystals based on what a little info card tells me, I buy what I’m drawn to that day. My spells work for me because I create them for me, not for anyone else. I don’t understand why people buy spells and tools from big publishers or even simple websites. You don’t need them. Your best magic comes from within.

I didn’t mean to ramble so much and I know my thoughts are probably not very mainstream. But as a solitary witch, it doesn’t really matter if anyone else feels this way. But I will say this- if you are new to the craft and feel overwhelmed, just take some time to get in touch with your inner witch and trust in your intuition. The rest will come.

Ramble over and Blessed Be.