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Careful What You Wish For


Recently I’ve been praying to my goddess more than usual. I’ve been really unhappy in aspects of my work life and have been wanting to decrease my jobs from two to one. I’ve told my goddess that I wanted to have this happen by the end of summer and recently I put a date on it-August 31st. Because I know the Gods and Goddesses are less “Jesus take the wheel” and more “I’m not carrying you through life, you have to make it happen,” I’ve been making strides to cut hours at one job order to work more at the other.

Well, you know what happened, don’t you? My goddess heard my prayers, saw my efforts and decided to give me a shake up. I got canned from my stressful job. No notice, no nothing. I panicked. And sobbed. And then everything was made right. My other job is letting me take on more hours. In mere hours after getting told to clear out my desk, I was given the gift of solid work hours at one job and at the company I could see myself at for years to come.

So remember when you are praying- be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. Just not in the way you thought!


Inner Magic


I love reading about witchcraft. Which herbs are best used for spells, cooking and healing. Which stones are used for meditation, spiritual connection and strengthening your magic. But I find my best magic comes from within. That inner magic. Intuition goes a long way in my Book of Shadows. I wasn’t raised in the craft, I haven’t had formal training, and I miss more Sabbathes than I remember (honestly I only remember the ones with the changing of the seasons since I garden). I suck at being a traditional witch. 

But what I’m good at, where my talents lie, is trusting my intuition to know which herbs to add to my kitchen witchery, which salt on my shelf strengthens my protection spells and when my Goddess is whispering to me. I don’t buy stones and crystals based on what a little info card tells me, I buy what I’m drawn to that day. My spells work for me because I create them for me, not for anyone else. I don’t understand why people buy spells and tools from big publishers or even simple websites. You don’t need them. Your best magic comes from within.

I didn’t mean to ramble so much and I know my thoughts are probably not very mainstream. But as a solitary witch, it doesn’t really matter if anyone else feels this way. But I will say this- if you are new to the craft and feel overwhelmed, just take some time to get in touch with your inner witch and trust in your intuition. The rest will come.

Ramble over and Blessed Be.

Spring is in the Air



The freezing weather is temporarily on hold and the sun has warmed up my little corner of the world. The cat has been especially happy with the extra sunlight warming her spot on the carpet and the dogs extra joyful for longer walks.

This time of year is perfect for opening the windows and getting rid of the stale air and dust accumulating in your home. If you don’t regularly open your windows in the winter, consider it on the next warm day or if you are crazy like me, you can open them for a few minutes every day regardless of the elements. Heaters tend to dry out the air inside which can cause drier skin and painfully dry sinuses. Humidifiers don’t always work to add enough moisture back in or they may add too much. Opening the windows for a few minutes every day welcomes in a little humidity without any extra effort or electricity.

It’s also a great time to figure out this year’s garden. If you are like me, you can’t plant in the ground and have to stick to container gardens. But those little containers have their own rewards. When the cold inevitably returns, you can easily bring your plants inside and when the warm weather returns, pop them back out on the porch.

In the kitchen, I’ve been making more springy foods. Lots of fresh veggies and herbs from the store (the farmers market can’t open soon enough) and lighter meat dishes of grilled chicken breast or pork chops. I’ve even been swapping my afternoon coffee or cacao nibs for a cup of Lady Grey tea. Occasionally I even swap the morning cup for tea.

As Spring approaches, I’ve been focusing my craft and thoughts on the elements and deities that usher in new life and growth. I don’t always leave offerings. I don’t always pray. But in everything I do, I try to be mindful of those I worship, believe in and talk to. Regardless of your beliefs, whether they are pagan, Christian or other, take a moment out of your day to pay respect to our earth and her changing of the seasons. Give thanks to your deity of choice for ushering in the season of new life. Toss out seeds that can feed the birds now while the leftovers sprout into flowers for the honeybees and butterflies in a few months. And while you are at it, spend a few minutes standing in the sun’s warm light and get your daily dose of vitamin D the old fashion way.

I hope spring is on it’s way in your little corner of the world. Until next time, blessed be brothers and sisters.

A Watched Pot Does Indeed Boil



They say a watched pot never boils but we all know that isn’t true unless you forgot to turn the stove on. I make it a habit to watch my pot or kettle every time I am bringing water to a boil. Why? I use this time to reflect on what I’m looking to do after the water boils. Am I making a cup of tea? Then I’m usually seeking calm and relaxing thoughts. Making dinner? I’m usually laughing at the guys talking about sports, so my thoughts are happy and loving. These thoughts in turn work their way into the end product. So always be mindful, even when watching a pot come to boil.